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New Member Question - 95 Legend transmission kick from 1st to Second gear?

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We recently bought a 95 Legend L 4Door, has 170,000 miles on it. Its in excellent condition but a few noises here and there but thats going to get looked at hopefully soon. The reason Im posting is because I noticed, under soft, to mild acceleration from stand still, the whole car jumps forward then changes gears to second? Should I look into or should I expect it at the current mileage? Im not overly worried about it but want to find out what can I do to prevent a major problem creeping up on me. Thanks!
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Mine also does, and always had, a noticeable shift from 1st-2nd, as compared to all other gear changes.
Inspect the transmission mounts.
I have some poly-filled mounts available that should eliminate/ reduce the torque/ slam feel that you are experiencing now. PM me for more info.
For whatever it’s worth…..

The poly-filled mounts will probably go a long way to help reduce the harsh shifts but…….

A really decent transmission specialist who’s worked on a lot of Hondas and Acura’s over the years explained to me a while back that Honda has always been and still is pretty infamous for not being able to make an automatic transmission that shift’s as smoothly as let’s say a Lexus or Mercedes.

I would really have to concur with that because I’ve owned many Civics, Accords, and now a Legend all with automatics and they “ALL” shifted funky…..

The standards (obviously) were perfect, but I’ve never owned a Honda product with an automatic that shifted as smoothly as some of the other Japanese or German car models.

My Transmission specialist took the car out for an afternoon, and basically came back and told me to live with it………………….

I fully realize I’ll get a torrent of posts telling me that me and my specialist are full of it because of whatever reasons, but from my personal experiences with the Honda’s I’ve owned, none of them were as smooth as butter.

Good luck with it…………
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My Transmission specialist took the car out for an afternoon, and basically came back and told me to live with it………………….
I am not a transmission expert, but I concur with your specialist. An Honda/Acura trained mechanic mentioned me these transmissions have some design particularities such as no band, which most other transmissions of the same generation do have. They just kick some shifting 1st to 2nd, and that is the way it is.
If you didn't inspect the rear transmission mount you will continue to have the clunky shift from first to second.
If its jerky now, as the rubber in the mount deteriorates, it will get worse. Speaking from experience, eventually it will be metal on metal and drive you nuts. Get the poly-filled mounts, it will feel like a new car.

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