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new owner of 93 coupe six speed

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i just purchased my new baby two weeks ago, and worth the months looking for her. its a fun car to drive, especially in the desert area were you can open up that six speed. i am looking to add the climate control and heated seats, if anyone knows any websites or can give some advice to a neewbie it would be greatly appreciated.

p.s anyone know if climate control and front heated seats from a 93 sedan would work on my coupe thanx legend family
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I believe the climate control would work but your car must have it to begin with for a swap, so it must be wired into your harness with proper computers is my guess.

Same goes for tcs and fogs.

As for the heated seats its a direct swap though I never owned a coupe. They are very similar if not the same. Simple wiring and heat adjustment switches for the seats are required.

Your best bet is to hit a junkyard and find a set or go the custom fab route and find some nice leather heated seats and switches.

It's also possible to get cl/tl/rl seats as well.
thanx for info wicked. Im picking up some rough seats from junkyard off a 94 coupe same type F interior for 90 bucks. im now on the hunt for climate control unit and anyone that could help with wiring , any kind of assistance would be rewarded. I live in L.A and close to a lot of honda, and jdm spots and willing to help out whenever possible.

thanx legend fam
Look for L to Ls climate control swap on here and no the sedan seats will not work in your coupe! Look up heated seats swap on here the heated seats are power for the passenger side but not on a L. As the l don't have heated seats only the ls
Thank you for the info, I will soon be posting pics. Much luv legend fam

Folks here provide really helpful info and expertise. Welcome aboard.
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