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New Paint Question...............

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So, I am planning on getting new paint this next week. The temps in SLC are predicted to be in the 50-60's, and more humid than normal, with a chance of rain/snow on thursday, which is about when they would be getting the paint on it.

My question is how will the relative humidity and temperature affect my new paint?
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But I was really feeling your 2 tone rear end :(
The humidity and temp. will play a role in the cure of the paint. If you have a good painter tehy will know how to compinsate for environmental conditions. Over all it's not that big of a deal just takes longer to cure.
Ballistic said:
But I was really feeling your 2 tone rear end :(
Haha, yea my wife was trying to convince me not to paint it. She says its easier to find in a large parking lot :D
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