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Artist: Chef Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan
Album: Immobilarity
Verse: :"...Yo Lexxy strap up meet you in the back
In the Acura spectacular big key stackeler....."

same album

song: Real Life
verse:".....Now he upstate baggin' ******
House and Air Maxs big ACs
Won the Oscar award for crabbing ******......"

(This guy mentions "Ac" at least two of three songs on each of his album)

fun Fact:

The Wu-Tang video "All so Simple" features a line of G-2 Legends parked of the curb with their hazard lights flashing.

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Vancouver_Legend said:
here is another:

DJ - Josephine

"as I splurt (?) and catch the light on Linden, rev the engine, and say one love to my *(?)* in the Legend.."

can anyone find the official lyrics to this song to verify this?
K i heard this song a LONG time ago, I just got it now to verify, its josephine by DL, not "DJ" and i beleive he says at 1:19 "as i splurt and catch the light on Linden, rev da engine and say one love to my BREDREN in da legend..." (you know, bredren = brethren= brothas etc :) )

the first time i heard that song i caught legend in it too, listened to it more just cuz of that fact, haha :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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