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New to acura

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Hello, I'm a new acura owner (well 1986 legend) but not new to forums. I have a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 and theres a forum for that, I bought my acura as a winter beater for 600 bucks planning on tossing it in the spring (my stang will be paid off and I was going to lease a truck) but this legend is starting to grow on me. Now mind you I know nothing about hondas. It has 197000 miles on her and it runs fine no leaks, but the body is rusted and it needs breaks and shocks, question do you need and special tools for the breaks? (I had an olds aurora that needed a dealer tool) and my car is blue(ext), and the (int.) is grey roof blue carpet and brown seats, im guessing its not all org. or the line workers at the plant were color blind.
Can some1 point me in the direction of a full set of new or used Blue seats? and I could use a hood. Thanks
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i wish you were in florida because i have a very good set of blue cloth front seats for the 86-87 sedan and a hood do the brakes on your legend you will need a c-clamp for the front pads and a special tool for the rear pads to screw the calipher back in. you can buy this tool from someone like autozone but the tool has to be altered to work.i have one that has been altered to work that i don't use anymore since i sold my 88 legend sedan.i can sell you the cloth covers for the front seats and you will have to install them.hit me at [email protected] and we can discuss these matters in full.
if you need any parts and are willing to pay the shipping on them too just email me at [email protected] i can try to get you the parts in the same color but no promises.

I can get ANY part you want, possibly in the same color. it depends on how many parts you or other people in total want because its a 45min drive to get them and im not tryin to go for just a ashtray or anything lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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