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Hello all !!!
I am new to the forum here looking for some input
my Legend failed the smog test yesterday :(
I was told that as of March 1st in CA if a vehicle is emitting smoke from the tailpipe for 10 seconds it is an automatic fail.
it has been burning oil for quite some time (200k)
I have been advised that it is most likely the valve stem seals
if I remove the heads to replace the seals and decarbonize the heads
what are the chances of affecting the rings ??
how long can I expect the rings to last ??
the engine runs great but does blow smoke when first starting engine cold or if idling extensively
also I will probably have to replace the cat convt. and the o2 sensors because of the mileage (it also failed H.C. by 3 ppm)
the last few times it barely passed at the max limit
should I invest the time and money??
how long can I expect the engine block and trans will last

sorry to be long winded

thanks for any advice


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1. Welcome to the forum
2. Valve stem seals are most likely cause
3. If you take the heads off, have them cleaned, measured (verify they don't need to be machined), and have new valve stem seals installed the likely hood is that you will be okay. Another option would be to just have the valve stem seals replaced with the heads still on, however there is a good chance that you could also use a valve job.
4. How long will rings last, no one can tell you that but I haven't heard of many (any?) with rings failing or leaking that much. Might want to consider doing a leak down test first.
5. O2 sensors need to be replaced however I would hold off on the cat as it may be good enough.
6. Again is it worth the investment, only you can make that call. We do have numerous members with over 300k on original engines and transmissions.

Good luck with your project.

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thank you for the info, and the welcome

if I can get another 100k out of the trans then I think that would be great
any idea how long the cat convt. can last ???
one more question,
I have heard/read that synthetic oil will not smoke
perhaps I could change the oil to synthetic run it for a week or two just so I can get it to pass the smog check, ??
then I can take my time with the correct repair

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