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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have owned two Acura Legends. My first was a '87 two door coupe. I currently have a '90 Legend 4dr. I love the older Legends. A mechanic at MotorCars Acura said do not get rid of car. The first generation of Acura's were the best build. I have changed the oil regularly and the ATF. He did mention this: double change the ATF. Change once, drive it a little, and change it again. Total Qts=7.

I also own a Jeep. This thing is a piece of crap. There is always something going wrong with it. Here's a great difference in design: to fix a/c pull the dash with five hours labor plus parts. '90 to fix a/c and install new evaporator pull the glove box. My '87 had 300,000 before selling. My '90 only has 270,000. I do not let anyone work on it except me. I've done timing belts and most maintenance. Currently, I will change front upper control arms and lower ball joints. I will also add some new axles. Both Acura's are the best car I've ever owned. I do not work on this one without the service manual.

With my '90, I will replace evaporator this spring since I'm in Michigan. The part is $55.

One question: the car will not shift into low gear on auto trans. I do this manually. There are three solenoids on top of tranny. Could on of these be bad? Please advise me if you may know.
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Welcome to the forums always glad to see 1st gen owners around.
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