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New Years Weekend Project (lg. photos)

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Ok here's what I did this past weekend!

I gutted the entire car and soundmatted the whole thing, except for the head liner.

Installed a new amp for the fronts and rears and also installed my new 40G Kenwood Music Keg!

As you'll see I also built two new custom sub boxes for my Alpine 12's that fit in the wheel well corners giving most of my trunk back.


The shop

The new boxes

The inside

After fatmatting

Back together (WOW there's a lot of room without the front seats)

Amps and Music Keg Rack

New Sub Placement (one on each side)

And finally..You've GOT to love the help!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! :giggle:

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If anyone wants to see the entire album, here's the link:
Nice work mannn..... Nice help also heeehehe
Nice man, i just got done fat matting the underside of my center console, to keep the exhaust tone to a minimum. I also have the exact same Excelon. where did you get that square trim? Is it the original?

~TRu Hybrid
nice work... im going to be doing a 2nd layer for my trunk and 1 layer for the floor


you have to keep that fujitsu ten away from those alpines...
I'm curious as to how much (in sq ft) sound deadening material you used?
he got 100sq ft and its a damn good price too... $100

i paid more that double that price for 60sq feet :-( but it was hushmat
I just picked up a roll of RAAMmat BXT....62 sq ft for $119 direct from RAAMaudio. I'm trying to decide if I need to pick up another roll. Since I'll be doing the trunk first, I guess I'll have a pretty good indication after I get it done as to if I'll need more.
with 62sq feet you'll probably be doin the full trunk incl lid and the doors .. and thats about it
Good. Each roll weighs in @ 25lbs, and I'm not trying to add a bunch of add'l weight to an already heavy car w/out reducing weight somewhere else, which doesn't seem like an option. As it stands the audio mods I want to make will add an add'l 65 lbs or so, which is already more than I'm comfortable with. :(
D- Yeah, that's the original trim piece for the Kenwood. I had to put it behind the wood trim for it to fit in there nicely. I you try to make it fit on the outside it just sticks out WAAAAY too far.
My only quams with the music keg so far are that the head unit is only displaying up to the first 100 playlists...I would think that if it'll go to 3 characters (100) then it'd go to at least 199, right? Sucks cause kenwood is still closed until tomorrow.

As for how much fatmat I used, I didn't use the entire 100 sq. ft. I think I've got nearly 30 or 40 left over. I'm gonna measure it tonight. I only used one layer on the entire car, with the intention of putting another in the trunk if necessary...not necessary. One layer of this stuff did an awesome job. I did everything except the side under the rear windows, and the ceiling.

bl420- what did you mean by keeping the fujitsu ten away from those subs??? What's a fujitsu ten? Is that the company that makes Eclipse products??? And why do I need to keep it away from them?????
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The shipping weight for the fatmat was listed as 30lbs. for the entire 100 sq. feet, which surprised the heck out of me, cause I thought it'd be more like 60 or so.
yes eclipse is by fujitsu ten... i was jk when i said you had to keep it away from the subs... i guess i really despise the alpine type-r's... check my sig :giggle:
I'm sacrificing as is by putting in sound deadening, but you do what you gotta do. A c/f hood should help counter some of that, but I'll have to put the car on a diet after that to keep it trim.
DAAAYYUUUM....that thread is some funny sh*t!!!!!!!!!

I must say I really dig that one guys sig (if you have to ask, U R GAY)
Great job, I like where you put the subs.

OH, and just in case anyone was wondering....She's 28, not 15 like she looks in the picture. Got to looking closer and thought, "WOW, I must seem like a pedophile or somethin"
noooo wayyy does she look 15

but hey after 12 its lunch!!!! :giggle: :giggle:
looks good, im talking bout the car
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