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Newbie and need help!

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I just bought a 93 Legend sedan LS with 117,000 miles and have a few issues!
I installed a new radiator (old one leaked) and had two drain it twice due to a leaking thermo sensor. I had to put more coolant in it today and figured maybe I should bleed it because I don't believe last time I got all of the air out. Well I had the radiator cap off and was attempting to bleed it when the coolant started bubbling up and coming out of the radiator. I had to shut it off, filled it up then let it sit for a bit. Later I brought it up to temp fans kicked on then turned the heat up. Its hot outside (90degrees) but I thought the heat from the heater could have been hotter (thermometer said 105 in vent though) any way I started to bleed it and waited for the bubbles to stop. Well they did but so did the coolant coming out and the engine got hot so I had to shut it off. After letting it cool a few times I tried bleeding it again but no solid amount of coolant (if at all) would come out. After three tries I figured I should leave it alone and try tomorrow.

Please help me if you know what I am doing wrong!

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if your bleeding it you need to leave the rad cap on there a bleeder valve on the car. you need to have it checkedif you havent had the t stat changed to the correct one. make sure your fans are working like they should. also make sure the rad cap is the correct one and that its not old with a bad seal.
Go buy a Lisle spill free funnel. That is the easiest way to bleed the coolant.

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Ill put more fluid in it tommorrow and try again. I havent done anything to the thermostat and the cap is fine. Another thing I noticed is the reservoir was not changing its level. I thought a low radiator would draw fluid out of there.

Another thing is the fans kick on with the ac but not when the temp got hot (ac off then). But when inshut the car off the kicked back on.

I tried it again today with the same results.
I will replace the tstat and radiator cap.
Sound like a fan issue
after i did my head gasket i bled my car for the first time and nothing was comming out,and i just put a ton of type 2 coolent turns out the bleeder was clogged. i had the intake manifold apart for cleaning and missed some gunk and it clogged my bleeder..hope this helps
Make sure you have the heat on full when bleeding as otherwise you will not get all the air out.
Well I put a new tstat in and bleed it like I was suppose to and while idling it is fine then I take it for a drive and she gets hot (I had the heat on too while bleeding it) !

The fans come on when the ac does but I am not sure the are working correctly. The other thing may be my coolant mixture.

I did hear something in the dash before the last two times it got hot while driving (heater core bubbling). No white smoke from exhaust.

For a bit I was getting bubbles from the bleeding the nothing was coming out.
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