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Newbie: Help me with RARE parts identifications. G1-G2 Legends

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I am a diehard 90-93 Acura Integra fan but have come to you guys for some knowledge about the bigger sophisticated brother of the Integra.

Hi there. So here's my situation. I joined because there are A LOT of G1 and G2 Acura Legends and Vigors in the junk yard where I live. I need some help on identifying these MAYBE RARE parts that I have seen on them.

So here's what I've seen:

Start with the G1 Legend

-Rear optional spoiler (not flush mount) kinda like foam, have 4 studs, reminds me of a M3 spoiler lip.
-chrome grill next to the foglights
-inner fog lights


-Full Bose stereo system and matching speaker covers with "BOSE"
-6 CD dish changer, located in truck
-CD magazine right behind it? I think?
- Many OEM spoilers with LED
- Woodgrain center console, with slide out ash tray in woodgrain
-Center Armrest with pop-out cup holder
-Decent Leather Interior
-2 piston calipers (many of these...)

Now this is what stumps me....

I'm pretty sure this was on a Legend,

The door sills had this, "manufactured by honda" (or something like that, didn't think much of it) on it with 4 phillips screws. I've google'd "acura legend door sills rare" and have not come up with anything at all. Most of what I see are chrome plated ones...

Thank you guys so much.

PS: I've searched the rare parts threads for both generations but came up with little information.


So would these optional parts be rare now?

Worth taking?
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Since no one in the area knows about these cars(dominated by Chevys, Fords), anything else I should look for? Pretty much full cars...
Just about everything you posted G2 wise is fairly common. Leather interior value all depends on how "decent" it is. Woodgrain is common but people will pay for an untracked/unchipped one, or base model sedans will upgrade to them. Same goes for the burlwood window switches. Most armrests with cupholders are broken, if you find one that is 100% working with no broken plastic then it's probably worth taking.

2 piston calipers are a popular upgrade so you can probably sell them easily.

The door sills sound like an aftermarket item, however your best bet would be to get pictures of them. The rare JDM/USDM sills just say "Legend" or are blank. Are these from a coupe or sedan?

Keep your eyes open for OEM fogs, M/T cars, and Type 2 engines.
yea black interior with be the most $ bringer and the type 2 pistions as well. welcome to the fourms.fogs and the brackets are hot items as well. and manual tran wood console if the wood is real.
Wow that is very interesting!

Thank you guys for the quick and informative responses! Greatly appreciate it!
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