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Ok guys/girls here we go.

3 weeks ago I purchased a 1995 Legend Coupe with 59k miles.. YEP, that's correct. Car is damn near mint condition and im having a serious love affair with it.

Ive been digging into everything I can find on the Acura Legend and they all seem to have the typical ABS light on, and SO DOES MINE. Ive done all the basic stuff such as, new plugs, trans fluid change, (following the steps given here) oil change, timing belt, etc., etc.

I did the paper clip jumper deal under the dash. 1 solid abs light, followed by 2fast flashes, was NOT sure what that meant... So I took it to a dealer to be sure, I was told it needs a new ABS pump.

Now ive read all the stuff I can find about bleeding the abs, etc., etc. I DO NOT WANT THIS ABS LIGHT ON AT ALL and I don't want a short cut like removing the bulb in the cluster... Is there anyone in my area (metro Atlanta) that can offer up some assistance, etc., etc.?

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