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wassup forum heads, my name is chris and im from New York and North carolina. i just recently purchased an 04 3.5RL. although this is my first acura, im not new to the honda acura thing, i have a 91 civic hatch with a b18 swap currently installing a turbo. i also do alot of swaps in and out of acuras and hondas. im a mechanic for delta airlines (and no u cant have no buddy pass) and umm.... i guess thats it
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Welcome to our family bruh and enjoy your stay.
Well hey Chris, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay here at
Give more insight on your car and what plans you have for them
im gonna try my hardest to keep it plain jane lol all my cars in the past have been moded out. and after a while it just got to b a money pit. so all i plan to do with this car is put some rims on it hids in the fogs and call it a day. i kno it sounds boring but i wanna stay under tha radar for a while
nothing wrong with that at all
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