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Hey guys love the forum and some of the sexy rides I see. I have a 93 L coupe and one of the problems I have is the car would run on normal temperatures but I would never get heat. I used to get heat when I first bought the car now its all ice cold air. I thought I didn't have coolant since I didn't see any when I looked in the radiator so I bought some coolant but after about 5 or 7 seconds of pouring it was topped off. So I turned the car and let it run. When temperatures reached normal level I put the heat on and I would still get cold air. I checked the radiator (didn't put the cap back on) 2 see if the coolant was flowing but it would steadily rise up and down and soon enuff you can tell that the coolant was steaming. Also the car's rpm level rapidly kept rising and declining. I'm not sure what it could be except maybe the water pump or the thermostat. Sorry for the long post but its winter in ny and its cold over here. Also I'm looking to install a remote starter so I would like 2 have heat by then and I'm also open 2 suggestions and reccommendations on the best remote starter (with keyless entry/alarm/ and paging) any help wpuld be greatly appreciated and sorry for the long post. Email me if possible as your response would reach me faster since I don't have a desktop and I'm using a cell phone but I will try my best 2 follow up and read everyones responses thanks again as I am finally out. Lol sowwy :(
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It sounds like you have air in your cooling system - lots of it if the engine is revving as you describe. Search for "bleed cooling system" for plenty of info on the procedure - it only takes a 10m wrench and a few minutes.

The bad news is that air is getting into your system somehow. You need to remedy this quickly before you overheat and get a blown head gasket (if you don't have one already)......for lots of fun on that subject, search for "BHG"...

It could be something simple like a radiator cap, leaking hose, busted radiator, leaky water pump or other such simple things....I hope that is the case for you, but please get it checked out ASAP.

Don't think because your temp gauge is normal that you can sleep. Once your temp gauge starts sketching out - that can mean you already have a serious issue.
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When you get the air out of the cooling system, look at the heater control valve between the engine and firewall, make sure the valve is being opened and closed by the cable as you turn the dial from cold to hot...
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