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No more Green Anti-freeze? Okay to use the Blue?

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Hi folks,

I have a 1992 Legend Sedan LS, and after the BHG was repaired I was told to ONLY use the Green Anti-freeze. I did search and I have read this thread...

"TYPE 2 COOLANT New and Improved"

....but it seems inconclusive.

Lately I cannot seem to get all the air out my cooling system, so I am having the problem where at idle (when warmed up) the RPMs cycle from 500 to 2000 RPM (approximately). A few other symptoms have led you folks in the past to suspect a leaking Power Brake Booster as the cause for the air getting into the system, but I really don't know. In the past I could follow the air purging procedure and get the idle stable, although in a few days or weeks the cycling would return.

I wanted to make sure that if I lowered the level of my coolant too far, I could top it up, so I went to buy some more of the Green anti-freeze. But at a local Honda dealership (there are no local Acura dealerships) the parts guy said there is no more Green anti-freeze, that I should be using the Blue anti-freeze.

Is this true? Does anyone have any more information or opinions about this? Please comment! :-D

The level in my overflow/reserve looks fine, by the way, but it is awfully "dark"! :-O Not the bright limey green I was accustomed to, but more of a brownish green! I didn't see any "slick" but I wonder of the color indicates oil in the coolant, or just rust or old age or something! :-(

Although my temp gauge still sits faithfully unmoving on the second index up, I wonder if my HG is leaking/blown again. :-( I guess I could have a compression test done. I'm due for a smog check, which was one of the reasons I'm trying to stop the idle cycling, but I don't know of a trustworthy mechanic here in Santa Cruz for the compression check.

So is it okay to use the Blue Anti-freeze or would it be better to track done the Green? Is the Green still available?

Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be very welcome! Thanks for looking!

- Thomas
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I don't think Honda would change the formulation of their anti-freeze...the important consideration is whether the anti-freeze is silicate-free. Maybe call Acura of Augusta, tell them you are from this board and see what they say about anti-freeze? Jason should be happy to help, he's answered a lot of my dumb questions in the past.
Thanks duck! I'll call Jason.

Any other opinions, comments, ideas or suggestions! :) What do you all think of the dark green coolant? How about my inability to get the idle stable?

Thanks for looking!

- Thomas
Here's an interesting thread:

I'll be calling my "Acura Guy" here shortly. If he isn't busy, I'll bring this up with him.
We had this discussion a long time ago...I ended up finding green coolant still in some places.
I called the car's original dealer back in Connecticut, Executive Accura, and they said they still have the green anti-freeze if I really want it, but that the blue would work fine too. I'm tempted to get more of the green for now, so I'm not changing the color I look at.

I guess when I do flush, I'll switch to blue! :)

And sorry for the huge SIG, I don't know how it got switched to that big one, it should be about half that size! (There - I have fixed that!)

Thanks for the comments and help folks!

- Thomas
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