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is this a problem thaz common?

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no power to my fuel pump

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whaz up guys..iam new to the forum,,but acura r my thing, just love em.i got 2 ledgends and jus sold my 93 gsr...had to do it money was tight.i kno my way around this cars a lil..91 legend at,93 5sp both r 4dr....but my 93 wont start...i have tried everything i kno of...swap main relay with a good one,plus ecu,still no start, i have spark,all fues r good,pulled fuel pump,n hooked to my batt,it pumps,but i still get no power to the fuel pump...when i hook it back up..iam lost???
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are you sure the main relay you tried is good? There is also a fuse that could be blown.
yea the relay i tried came out my other ledgend...i swap them both ways ,both of them work in my 91...did the same with the ecu...what fuse?n were is it located?....thanks...RASTA SPEED
Great Link Big Boy..I used it myself..Thanks :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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