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I think it is the igniter module. Check that because it will cause a complete no spark condition. It is located on the passenger side apron near the bolts on the strut tower. One way to check the cam sensor (if it looks ok) is if you can put it on a scope and crank (turn the engine w/ starter) the car to see if it is giving a uniform signal. Another way is to get a noid light (12V light bulb that plugs in to the harness of a fuel injector, easy to make if you can't find one to buy.) and put it on one of the injector harness connectors to see if the computer is pulsing the injectors (the light will flash). If not then the cam sensor would be more suspect than the igniter. If the injector is pulsing then I would get an igniter module.

Just my $.02
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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