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So I put in a new cv axle and it did not fix the problem, it made it so I can take slightly tighter turns at slightly higher speeds. I have been driving a bit and listening and feeling and here are my symptoms:

1. popping at higher/tighter turns
2. popping from outside sometimes and sometime feels like it comes from the center of the drive line - right side of car
3. sometime I hit a bump and here something pop like a ball joint or tie rod
a. took to a mechanic friend and he said everything is tight there.
4. high speeds (60 +) there is a lot of shutter in the steering wheel and the car pulls to the right at any speed
a. had an alignment and balance done and they said it needed it but it didn't fix this either.

Like I said this all happens on left turns and comes from right side of car. I need this fixed and it is driving me nuts. My mechanic friend told me it may be coming from my trans/diff, but I thought that would be more a g
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