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Not Lowered & yet negative camber ????

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Hi all

My car isnt lowered, at least I havent lowered it in the last four years. Yet, my tires , all four of them seem to wear drastically more on the insides.

My Daytons ZRs lasted about 30000 miles (I guess thats pretty good).

I did rotate after 4 to 5 months

When I finally took them off I noticed :

Left Front : Bits of the steel belt showing on the inside & some tread remaining on the outsides ( a big difference in tread wear)

Right Front & Rear tires : Big difference in tread wear between the insides & outsides, but no steel showing

Is it possible that I have a negative camber ??

How do i tell if my car was lowered. It sure doesnt look like it was.

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Some sportier cars tend to have up to 1 degree of negative camber from stock to give the best handling, one car i know of for sure that is like that is the nissan 300zx... However im not sure if legends are the same way... its always possible... But I know for sure that Legends DO NOT have factory camber adjustment and it would require you buying an aftermarket camber kit to correct it... could it be possible that your struts are wore down so badly that they arent supporting the cars as they should anymore?
It's possible to have negative camber without having your car lowered.

My old accord was proof of this.
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