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Is it possible for less than $5-6k to make an all wheel drive legend by dropping another legend engine or NSX engine ito the trunk. Like the TIBURON did that has 2 tibby engines in it?
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Wow, what ambition you have, I supose anything is possible with the money that it would take. Nothing surprises me anymore. Who would have thought about 24 inch rims 10 years ago but, they sell them now! For big suv's and trucks ofcourse.
Probably can but alot more than $7K, unless if you're gonna do all the fabrication yourself. It will be tight to see awd legend.
Not practical, what are you going do with a AWD Legend, go offroading??:rolleyes:
see these are the people that i praise. they will go all out to make their car different from everyone else. you should do it if you got the money.
**** that, buy a nsx
no. (I'm trying not to be a smartass... take a look at the VR-4's and WRX's drivetrains, then decide if you want to make that fit in a Legend...)
there's more than one way to skin a cat.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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