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That sounds more like some kind of short in the AC circuit. In order to drain your battery. You could try pulling your fuse for the fan in the little black box on your drivers side fender (I think the third from the right or second one - it's written there). Then see if you get the same result - a voltage drop.

I have driven all winter with no fans at all. As long as i'm not at a dead stop for over ten minutes in heat the engine temp is fine. When I got the car the passenger fan came on at night. (That was my very first forum post here). My solution was to pull out the plug on the fan and just run with the condenser fan which worked fine for several years. Then that one failed last summer driving to the US. (Long border wait caused it to almost overheat).

I'm going to follow some of the threads in this forum this spring and fix it properly now that it's warm here. There are some really good ideas when you search that subject here.
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