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OEM car phone??

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Can someone send me...or tell me how I go about installing this thing? Is there a difference between the years? I bought a few pieces and one of the harnesses under the dash doesn't seem to have anything to plug into!! I have a 93 and I pulled this piece off of a 91 sedan!!
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Well first of all it is probably not compatible with most new cellular systems. I believe the in-car phones that came with Legends were analog only. I have also had trouble locating where to hook the phone up... I have the built in mic up near the roof lights, and I was also told when purchasing the vehicle that the stereo was equipped with an auto-mute feature for when I recieved incoming calls. I never attempted you use the phone since as far as I know it doesn't work with Sprint or Verizon...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Does ANYONE know if I can hook up my hands free headset to my stereo? Might be cool to have a little hidden jack I could use to hook my phone up to my Bose. That way I could use the built in roof mic and the stereo for sound!
You are way better off buying one of those hands free kits that you wire into your stereo system. Those are pretty sweet, one of my friends has one and its so easy to use.
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