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OEM mufflers from other cars?

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Back when i had my 5g accord, a popular upgrade was to put an RSX type-s muffler on it to increase flow/performance and not affect sound greatly. I was wondering if there were any OEM mufflers that would be a performance gain for our legends over our stock ones? I wouldn't mind a slightly sportier sound. I know about Remus, Stromung, Greddy, and Magnaflow. I am wanting something stock. I was eying my friends 350z the other day and i love the exhaust/sound. i know it wont work for the ol legend but something resembling in sound would be great.

Also, i was going to get all new mandrel-bent exhaust from the cat back. Would it be wise to up the diameter by 1/4" or would that be a performance loss?

EDIT: also what is our stock exhaust diameter?
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Scbrindley said:
So it doesn't sound like a rice rocket exhaust? Is it still bearable on long trips? Thanks for the info.

check out my video clip... although i am running no main cat and a resonator in place. leaving the cat would keep it queiter than i have it. i have gotten nothing but a good word from it, even from the 302 and ls1 crowd
Scbrindley said:
Where is the link to your video clip?
video section of the forums...(sorry too lazy right now to copy the link.)
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