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Read an interesting article in Motor Trend (Mar, 02'):

"...Most OEM filters remove about 72% of particles in the 8-10 micron range ( a human hair is 67 microns in diameter). Low cost spin on filters only grab around 40% of containmants."

Everyone tells me that the Honda filters are one of the best, they manufacture and develop there own filters. If your still cutting corners and buying those cheap 2 for $5.00 filters beware of Fram.

Here's a story of an NSX owner + Fram :confused: :confused: :confused: Can't understand why an NSX owner would even take this chance...
I used Fram once with disasterous results. About 4 years ago, I decided to change my oil one Sunday. Unfortunately, no Acura dealers were opened on Sunday. So, I ran to my local Pep Boys and puchased myself an equivalent Fram filter. Did my oil and filter change as usual and went for a test drive. After about 20 mins driving around, I decided to take it to about 100 mph. Guess what, my oil presure dropped to zero and one of the idiot lights started blinking.

I immediately shut the engine off and assesed what had happen. There was smoke coming from the rear right side of the car but not on the left. Believe me, it was a scary experience. I was almost in tears while I pulled off the side of the road. I got out of the car and saw a trail of oil on the road leading up to my car. I remember praying as I carefully peeped under the car. First thing I noticed was the car's left underside was very clean. I decided to jack up the car right there and then so I could see more underneath. Further examination revealed the Fram rubber seal burst spilling most of the oil out of my engine.

I told myself then, I will never ever use a non-factory filter my my NSX again. The next day, I took my car to the dealer and had them checked everything in my engine. Fortunately, the dealer said the engine has no detectable damage. It took at least 3 under carriage steam cleaning before I got all the oil out of the little crevices under the car. The moral of the story, don't skimp on oil filters, use the oil filter specifically designed for you car.


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Err...... a Honda or Acura dealer of course!

LEgEnD4LiFe said:
dang that is a scary story...........................where can you get OEM acura/honda filters anyway?? Im about to change my filter so i need to know.
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