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oh no... do i have a speed sensor prob???

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Hi, My 1994 LS coupe started doing something funny today.

The speedometer is reading low (say 40mph when I'm going 70) and the needle is erratic. Sometimes after coming to a stop it works normal and then it will read low.

Now... for those of you that have experienced the vehicle speed sensor problems ... does this sould like what i have?

(2) where is the best place to buy the replacement sensor?
(3) where is it located?
(4) could it simply be loose (or the connection loose>??)
(5) how easy is this to install? should i take it in or do myself?


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it sounds pretty compatible to a VSS problem...does your D4 light start blinking too? if not, and it really is a VSS problem then it should start blinking. you could go to <----i'm not sure of the exact link, for a replacement VSS it should run you around 90 bucks.
Yes, that sounds like the Vehicle Speed Sensor, I have not yet repaired mine, it started doing it about a month back. I doubt it would be loose, it more than likely needs to be change, it is a common Legend problem. Should run you $70-90 for the part itself. It is located near the transmission, but I am not sure exactly where. I have heard, it takes about 1 hour to install, and the toughest part is actually getting to it, i.e directly underneath the car, etc...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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