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Oil in 2 spark plug chambers

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Hey guys just found oil in the bottom end of the chamber wanted to know if you guys can tell me if its the valve cover gaskets or what and if someone can post a good description on how to do it much apprecitated thanks alot love the car did to much work as it is to it gonna post pictures soon
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The valve cover gaskets and spark plug tube seals need to be changed. They both come in the kit.
As stated by BigBoy, you ought to change both valve cover gaskets, in addition to each of the six spark plug tube gaskets. About a year ago I had about the same problem you described. In my case, I made the mistake of only replacing the spark plugs gaskets. Shortly thereafter the alternator failed, for oil dripped out of the driver side valve cover gasket. Due to age and usage most of those rubber gaskets will not survive the reinstallation process in a functional manner.
Also, the valve cover grommets nuts do not require much torque for proper adjustment, they can break fairly easy. I did not made that mistake.
yeah those grommet tube seals definitely can cause oil in the chambers
Perfect thanks guys is there anyone that can give me a detailed way of changing it gonna b my first time but i am mechanically inclined and where i can find a cheap set of valve cover gaskets
Gloxx, I would argue that going cheap on a Full Valve Cover Gasket Set is not a good option. The price to quality ratio between a good set and a cheap set does not justify the savings nor the chances of further problems down the road. Having said that, I do not suscribe to the dealer/OEM only options, particularly for an old car as a Legend. If you see Stone, that is Ishino which happen to make the gaskets for most Japanese vehicles. You can check at your local auto parts (besides the dealer), and several on-line sites. I like Pelham Auto.
The job is not that difficult. Removing the Valve Covers and installing them without disturbing the gaskets, can be tricky. Also, reinstalling some of the bolts (wire harness and grounds) will require some patience. Remember, it's a Honda, so there is not that much spare room under the hood. Check the Service Manual, it explains it very well, particularly where to add silicone to the gaskets.
Alright ill do that ill probably go dealership and c how much it is i work at canadian tire an automotive store here in canada i can get it at cost so ill check that out
You can get either the Felpro kit or the eristic kit that comes with all the gaskets. (just don't use the head gaskets.) from ebay.
I actually just found my haynes manual n it gives a decent instructions on how to change im gonna give it a try next way hopefully it wont b to hard on more questions ill key you guys posted by you guys r positive its the valve cover gaskets n not piston rings
just wanna make sure before i take it apart
i just found oil in my spark plug tubes also....kind of a bummer.. I have to fix my baby though, gotta wait to get paid and ill probably go ahead and do this I need to buy a manual though is it a real pain in the ass or what???
Im actually going to try it this week i found a step by step instructions on the internet forgot the address will post when done and i got the set for both sides for 48 buxx in town not to bad.
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