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I also heard and knew that too much oil was bad... but read this.

When I got my 93 coupe inspected, they said it was dangerously low on oil, and that there was a small leak at the oil filter.... fair enough..... oil was lost through the leak at the filter. I phoned the owner and told him to put some oil in as he had not gotten a chance to look at the inspection report,

When I went to buy the car, he had put a 1/2 inch over the line, and I got all freaked out thinking I was going to blow seals and stuff of that nature. I immedialty took it to a minute lube place and asked the guy if it was going to be alright, as I had to drive it nearly 350 km to get home. He said it would be fine.... I doubted him becuz they were really busy and he probably did not want to just drain my oil. I made it home fine, and the next day I went to get my oil changed and that fixed the too much oil problem.

Would there be any unseen damage to the car, or would it be immediate?:confused:
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