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Ok, here we go...Pics of My Legend

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Pics of My Legend with TSX wheels

*edit* Pics with my new TSX wheels start on page 3
New Paint Pictures are Here! - page 4
New interior burlwood (LS/GS) wood installed - page 6
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Looks great!!!!

You may want to cover up your plates

You may want to get another type II emblem and place them on your front fenders (where the euro turning lights go). I saw a g2 with them there and it looked good.

Ghost said:

Hey Esti,

What's the legal ramifications of exposing your plates online? I have seen people white them out, cover them up, etc., but I never knew why. We drive around with them on, so what's the deal? Please enlighten me.:confused:

There are no legal ramifications, it's just about personal privacy. Someone on the internet can just run your license plate and know your address.

1 - 3 of 110 Posts
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