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Ok, here we go...Pics of My Legend

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Pics of My Legend with TSX wheels

*edit* Pics with my new TSX wheels start on page 3
New Paint Pictures are Here! - page 4
New interior burlwood (LS/GS) wood installed - page 6
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DSCLegend94 said:
Thanks for the comments. As for the type II, yeah yeah i know, but at least I didn't put type S or type R on it:D :rolleyes:
I wish I had 19s too, I was happy with my 17s, then I saw them on the pic and.....damn they're small!!
As for the tail lights, I didn't paint them, I guess the pic is hidding the orange reflector on it:p
I'll try to get some more pics
LOL, its all good though, Hey, congrats on the 100K mark. :) Keep up the good work.
DSCLegend94 said:
Here are some from the inside

Levoc Shift Knob

Sony MD and Clarion TV


That Levoc looks good. I installed mine back in march. Did you get your button to work as well? Also, that non-scense I was talking earlier, please disreagrd it. Do your thing. I APOLIGIZE for comments. I deleted it. I was out of place for me to say that. I sounded like a HATER. :(
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DSCLegend94 said:
Thanks 91LSMan, I did the grill myself, well actually I got the idea from a member from the old forums a long long time ago. Just buy the chrome edge molding(don't know the name) for the doors and cut them up and stick them on. $3 mod, 10 min job.

CakeDaddy, I ain't mad, everyone has their own opinions, just that when people start getting rude is the problem. I got the button to work, just don't tighten the screws too much and it should be fine.
exactly, I had to cut those little side screw to get it just right. Do you find yourself whipping the chrome portion off in between red light and what not ? LOL I do.
1 - 3 of 110 Posts
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