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Ok, here we go...Pics of My Legend

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Pics of My Legend with TSX wheels

*edit* Pics with my new TSX wheels start on page 3
New Paint Pictures are Here! - page 4
New interior burlwood (LS/GS) wood installed - page 6
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Cross drilled rotors.............tight!
All red/white tails...........tight!
painted calipers.......tight!

You get an A+!

Esti said:
Looks great!!!!

You may want to cover up your plates

Hey Esti,

What's the legal ramifications of exposing your plates online? I have seen people white them out, cover them up, etc., but I never knew why. We drive around with them on, so what's the deal? Please enlighten me.:confused:

1 - 2 of 110 Posts
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