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Ok, here we go...Pics of My Legend

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Pics of My Legend with TSX wheels

*edit* Pics with my new TSX wheels start on page 3
New Paint Pictures are Here! - page 4
New interior burlwood (LS/GS) wood installed - page 6
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Re: *****!

Ghost said:
Cross drilled rotors.............tight!
All red/white tails...........tight!
painted calipers.......tight!

You get an A+!

Ditto X2
sorry... i like the it for the most part, but the badge seems ricey... and the sears rims kinda kill it... :(
Ghost said:

Hey Esti,

What's the legal ramifications of exposing your plates online? I have seen people white them out, cover them up, etc., but I never knew why. We drive around with them on, so what's the deal? Please enlighten me.:confused:

There are no legal ramifications, it's just about personal privacy. Someone on the internet can just run your license plate and know your address.

Door Edge molding-hmmmmmmmm. I just got back from the store and they were out. I wanted gold because my emblems are gold. Also mine is a coupe-has anyone done the door edges on the grill on a coupe? Will it still look right?
rquest77 said:
see?? i KNEW i wasn't the only person with a Type 1 engine who stuck on a Type 2 engine badge...hehe you may want put one on each side of the car near the back doors just like the Integra Type-R has them like that. People will be like 'I've heard of Type-R, but when the hell did acura release a Type TWO? "
Still ain't right! C'mon MD, represent... REPRESENT! What will you do after you decide to actually swap up to a type two engine... put Type NASA on the car. I just don't think it's right to perpetrate a fraud. Keep it REAL :cool: !
OhHHH HEllllzzz NO!!!! You didn't call them SEARS rims!!!:eek:
I know they're not new but they're not cheap SEARS rims, c'mon now.:rolleyes:
i also like your grill a lot. to me it is a real toss up between that and mesh. i think i will just keep my mesh because i have mesh on the area below the bumper and i think it matches better with my car.
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

i love your sedan its so clean and looks just right

everything is sweet
Your grill is AWESOME! I really like the way that looks on the white car, very classy. Also, where did you get just the type II logo? I would like to put it on my trunk, did you get it at the dealer?
:werd: "Sear Rims"? :eek2: W-T-F? CRak iS bAd! Sh!t man... dont worry bout it.... your rides hot!
TSX Wheels just when I got them

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Yes, I know it needs lowering still. I don't want to give up the nice ride.

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Front wheels

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Nice car...but take the Type II badge off...your car has a type I.

Hey, hey...we're focusing on the new wheels :D
Yea, nice wheels. I was wondeing how they'd look on a sedan. Looks Good.


I love the TSX rims on your legend!!! How much did you pick em up for?
21 - 40 of 110 Posts
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