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OK I am Going Crazy Here....!!

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How in the hell do I disconnect the motor For the Antennae???

I disconnected the Big Black Wire that is right next to the **** thing but the motor is still going so apparantly I disconnected something else.... what the hell does the wire look like that i have to unhook??? Do I have to Remove my CD Changer???

HELP B4 I kill someone...
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Hehhehe.......... you just removed the antenna wire instead of the power wire. Look around again, and you will see a plug that has power on it. Not that big thick black antenna cord.
Yeah its a grey plug its like right there you can't miss it I did that myself because the thing wouldn't go all the way down and so I just use the window antenna, but I don't listen to the radio so.....

oh and no you don't have to even touch the cd changer.
Is it the Little Square Looking Plug with the Multi-Colored Wires Running From it???
Yup. There are only two sets of cables running into the antenna. One is the antenna signal cable, and the other is the power harness. The antenna signal cable is what you pulled earlier, so there should only be one connection left on the antenna.
How do you use the "internal" antennae? My power antennae is still working for the time being, but sometimes it makes that sick over-clicking sound or does not go ALL the way down (maybe 1/8" or so sticking out). Can I disconnect the power cable and the car will automatically be using the window antennae?

Sh0ck3d said:
How do you use the "internal" antennae
It is plugged in by defualt ... on the stock radio, there are two antena plugs ... the mast and teh window. Unless someone disconnected the window one, it should work fine. Keep in mind that the window antena is not that great. Fine for city, but it sucks on the highway (use the CD anyway!)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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