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1SickLex invited us to go to the CLubLexus Meet tomorrow.

I think Legend O POwer will be there..let's just see how our rides run!!


I think it will be fun to at least get to check this out:

1) What's the cost for the day to run and start/end times?
***9am - 5:00pm****

2) Typically how busy will this day be (how many runs can I expect to get in)?

** Answers ** Gates open at 9:00 am
Time runs start approx 10:30 and end around 5:00

Admission - $20 to race $10 spectator

3) When you line up for test & tune do you run individually or in pairs? Can you setup pairs and run against a friend?

** Answer ** pairing is possible depending on car count, we'll try for you

4) What safety equipment is required (personal and car)?

** Answer ** If a street car you'll only need probably a seat belt or if it runs quicker than a 13.99 you will need a helmet snell 90

5) Do you (or someone) have a dyno onsite or nearby to get hp baselines as well as times?
** Answer ** no dyno

NOw if here....I think this should be our final destination tomorrow..let's met up around...11:00 at Lenox Mall, , near the Sam Goody's parking lot like last time, perhaps?

BTW, that is the little strip mall DIRECTLY next to Lenox MAll off of Peachtree

Man you Guys do all the cool s#!t when i'm out of town... I'm missing every thing... oh well..:(

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which one should i race?
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