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OK whats going on here??

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as some of you may know I recently fried my transmission, or so I thought. Now to my limited mechanical knolage slipping and rough shifts are both signs of a tranny on it's way to death. But my Mechanic says it's some kind of fluid pressure line, and he didnt find any metal shavings or fibers when he drained the fluid.
Ok is my Mechanic wak?? or could the trsnny be saved?
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update: now the jerk I feel when shifting is the tranny fighting over which gear it wants to be in (he says 2nd and 3rd are trying to engage at the same time)
The lines are a lot cheaper then a new tranny. Have your mechanic check the lines to see if they have adequate pressure. If he doesn't have the equipment, have the dealer check it. If there wasn't any metal shavings then it's possible that the tranny is still good.
God I hope so, if the tranny is still good so help me I will swear off nuetral drops, and brake torueing forever.
maybe someone has a link or you might want to do a search on solenoid cleaning. If there's metal shavings, draining the fluid will NOT clean out the mesh covering to the solenoids. While you have them out, might as well clean them before reinstallation.
thanks nick, will do
check the old forum - ( there was a very detailed post on how to clean / diagnose the transmission solenoids.
rhanks peabody, I found the Solenoid cleaning instructions, and me and my mother (who is a lot more mechanicly inclined then I) will be doing this in the near future.
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