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A lot of you emailed me asking for detailed info on the eyelids group buy. So I might as well post it here for everyone that missed it the first time.

10-19 people $50
20-up people $40

tail lights covers and eyelids package add $30

shipping is $9

right now I think we have more than 20 people in already. Can we try to get like 30 or more people into this? Everyone's been asking for these eyelids so here's your chance jump on it.

Here's the list of everyone that I have down with info.

Steve Dunn-sedan-rosewood brown (YR-503M)
Leon Millette-coupe-Milano Red (R-51)
Jessica Won-coupe-Milano Red (R-81)
Artur Leung-Sedan-Granada Black Pearl (Color Code: NH-503P)
Dennis Cacho-Sedan-white (NH - 538)
KEITH MORI.-Sedan-White, (NH - 538)
Kevin T. Diep-coupe-red (r-81)
teo nguyen-sedan-satin silver metallic (nh623m)
Sean Jeon-coupe-black (NH-503p)
Andrew Hoh-sedan-canterburry green metallic (G-75M)
Danny Vu-Sedan-Spectra Blue Mica (8M6)
Nicholas DeClario-sedan-Frost White (NH-538)
Rick Wang-coupe-TAFFETA WHITE (Color Code: NH-578)
Spencer Reinhard-coupe-phantom grey pearl (NH-561P)
Jason Sinanansing-Sedan-Cassis Red Pearl Clearcoat (R-82P)
Duane Scott - 91 L Coupe-Cobalt Blue (B54P)
Ken Grohs-Sedan (G-62P)
George Wei-sedan-Sirius White Tri-coat Pearl (NH-515P)
Chi Hoang-Coupe-(NH-578)
Brian Fox-coupe-Frost White(NH-538)

once again please double check your color code. There are a few of you that emailed me with your info but it's still missing something I replied to your email requesting for the rest of the info so just give that to me and I'll update this list.

If you're interested in joining you have until Friday Jan. 25th to email me at [email protected] with info on your car. What I need in the email is your full name, shipping address, coupe or sedan, color name and color code. If you are going to be paying with money order also let me know. The design hasn't been set yet. It's up to us to agree on a style so don't ask me how it would look like I don't know. I accidently peeled off one of my finger nail while fixing my car today so I'm having a very hard time typing so please be gentle with your questions in the emails.

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to make u'r life easier

i've separated the list into coupes and sedans. looks like we have 9 coupes and 11 sedans.

Brian Fox coupe Frost White (NH-538)
Chi Hoang Coupe (NH-578)
Duane Scott Coupe Cobalt Blue (B54P)
Jessica Won coupe Milano Red (R-81)
Kevin T. Diep coupe red (R-81)
Leon Millette coupe Milano Red (R-51)
Rick Wang coupe TAFFETA WHITE (NH-578)
Sean Jeon coupe black (NH-503p)
Spencer Reinhard coupe phantom grey pearl (NH-561P)
Andrew Hoh sedan canterburry green metallic (G-75M)
Artur Leung Sedan Granada Black Pearl (NH-503P)
Danny Vu Sedan Spectra Blue Mica (8M6)
Dennis Cacho Sedan white (NH-538)
George Wei sedan Sirius White Tri coat Pearl (NH-515P)
Jason Sinanansing Sedan Cassis Red Pearl Clearcoat (R-82P)
KEITH MORI. Sedan White (NH-538)
Ken Grohs Sedan (G-62P)
Nicholas DeClario sedan Frost White (NH-538)
Steve Dunn sedan rosewood brown (YR-503M)
teo nguyen sedan satin silver metallic (NH-623m)

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Regarding Taillight Covers...


With respect to those of us who have already commited to the eyelid group buy, I am also interested in the tail light covers as well however I have not seen any prototype pictures on either of the forums. Would it be possible to post some pics of some prospective covers so at least I have an idea what I'll be getting? Thanks

[email protected]

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If you would read the everything I wrote I'm sure you can locate my email. It's the only thing that's in all CAPITOL letters. But since you missed it here you go [email protected] please don't email me until you get all your info.

Email address
Full Name
shipping address
coupe/sedan-color name (color code) that's how I do my list so if you can do it that way for me to save me some time I'd appreciate it.
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