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A good way to check the timing belt is to open the oil cap and see if you can see the cam or rocker moving when you try to crank it. Also there are timing mark inspection plugs that can bre removed on the upper timing covers. Remove them and see if the sprockes turn when you try to start it.

I have seen engines that have been ran hot until they stopped and the piston rings relaxed resulting in very low compression which would make a vehicle not run.

1. Don't jump to conclusions
2. Check for timing belt (see above)
3. Check for spark.
4. Check for fuel injector pulse (search on noid light, I made another post about it today.)

5. Check the main relay, (open gas cap and have someone turn the key to run. Do you hear a fuel pump running for a couple of sec then stop? Do you have a check engine light when you turn on the key.)

If all of these things check ok, then have a compression test done, if that checks ok then you have some other issue that needs to be assessed. BTW, a BHG will not cause a no start condition unless it is really bad (i'm talking half of the gasket blown out from under the head, very very rare but it happens). I have not seen or heard of the really bad cases on a Legend before.

Good luck, post some of your results so we can try to help...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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