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My car was running fine after I replaced my radiator 4 months ago. then about a month ago it was having a hard time reaching normal temperature, it was always slightly under the normal. Then it overheated and now I cannot drive it because it will over heat (bad). So I noticed the fans are not kicking in.

1 Does anyone know how to test the fan?
2 I think it is a thermostat because before it was low temperature then now too high, seems logical, but why no fans? maybe radiator is the sensor for the fan, as a result if the thermostat is not releasing the fluid to the radiator then the sensor cannot turn fans on. does anyone know for sure that this is how it works?
3 has anyone had irregular idle with overheating and resolves the issue?

Any help is welcomed it is freezing in Canada and do not want to mess around till I know how this works.
Thank you all who can offer help or even try
Kyle Jacober, Edmonton Alberta Canada
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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