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Overheating and brake lights problem

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My 1988 Acura Legend has a serious over heating problem no clue to why it would be doing that. My brake lights also consistently stay on whether the car is off or on, I have considered the possibility of the switch staying in place but the only issue with that idea is that even when I take out the fuse for the brake lights they stay on which makes me think it's an electrical issue with a wire grounding. I did have to cut one of the wires to my horn because there was a short in it that caused my brake light and horn fuse blow every ten minutes so possibly the wire that I cut could be touching something metal and grounding. It drains my battery every time I leave my car and I'm so sick of jumping it any time I want to go anywhere plus that can't be good for my alternator. :mad::mad::mad:
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Does it heat up while you're driving or at a stop?

For the brake light, there's a tab that sits in front of the brake switch on the pedal assembly. Grab a flash light, move the seat all the way back and look up where the brake pedal goes and you'll see something like this:

Circled in blue is the brake switch. Circled in Red is the tab that pushes the switch in. If that's missing, you can get one fairly cheap at an Acura Dealership.
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It seems like its over heating at stops, but sometimes at stops my car turns off and I have to restart it at stops sometimes too. As for the brake lights wouldn't the fuse being taken out have turned them off though if it was just the issue with the brake switch? Will check it out though. Shaking my head at myself buying a $900 car.
Lol well, it just needs some attention since the previous owner did a horrible job at taking care of it.

Make sure the fans are turning on when its at normal temp. The needle is climbing and the fans don't turn on, then either the motor for the fan has failed, or it could also be relays to fuses.
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