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overheating issues again :d help.

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So I recently had my cars radiator blow and replaced, the mechanic told me my heads were blown as well. We used that blue devil stuff and that seemed to have delayed the inevitable, but i still have overheating issues. I then discovered a hose that was leaking so i replaced that, but still overheating. I found that a fuse kept blowing for my radiator fan,, I went ahead and replaced the fan. Now the fuse doesn't blow. But, my car is still overheating. I will drive about 15 or 20 minutes and the temp needles gets high then drops sometimes to the middle, then goes back high. Then I can hear a hissing sound and bubbling of my overflow for the radiator. I have been putting more antifreeze and water into the radiator and it runs for about 20 mins again then starts overheating. My mechanic told me he would take the thermostat out but I might just check this myself. I am trying to find out what I can do, I have no job or money right now, and I am just wanting to get this car running as best I can, until I can buy another car. I have been putting way to much money into this car already, I had gaskets done a couple years ago. Please somebody try to steer me in the right direction. I am beyond frustrated with this car.:confused:
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Have you removed the thermostat? If the upper hose is hot and the lower hose is cool, you probably need a water pump. A few quick, inexpensive things to do to check for a blown head gasket: get a pressure test on the cooling system. (Most auto parts store will lend you the kit); perform a hydrocarbon test (this tests for exhaust. Gases in the coolant and costs about $30 at NAPA.) GL!
My mechanic told me he removed the thermostat, but Im going to check that today. I just had my water pump replaced last year, it might be defective, not sure. But, I don't have any white smoke coming out the exhaust like before, like I said, He put "blue devil" into the radiator as a crap fix for now, as I know the gaskets are bad, but could that have messed up my water pump possibly? Maybe clogging it or something, not sure. Thanks for the help.
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