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overheating problems! help please!!!

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I got a 91 legend that's overheating. I've replaced the radiator, thermostat, and coolant. This problem all started a few months back when I changed oil and poured in 15W-50. After that, the car started over heating. Now the fans don't even come on unless I turn on the A/C. Could it over heat because the oil pump is bad? How do I get the fans to turn on when the radiator is hot? Before all this problem, the fans would turn on EVEN if the engine is on. PLEASE HELP!!!
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Does the just the condensor fan come on when you turn a/c on or both the radiator and the condesor fan? If the radiator fan never comes on you can check the motor of the fan by using jumper cables to hard wire it to the battery momentarily. If it runs when it is hard wired to the battery, then you could have a problem with the switch. If it doesnt run with it hard wired to the battery, it is your fan motor. Both are fairly easy to replace.
Both fans turn on when I hit the A/C button... but regardless of that, the car overheats if it sits at a red light and as soon as it's moving the temperature comes down. I've replaced the headgasket (which blew cause of this same problem), thermostat, water pump, and the radiator. Where would the switch for the radiator fan be? Are you talking about the relay? I've switched out the relay and it still didn't turn on.
damn that sux

I've been lapsing back and forth from consciousness everytime I think about the cost of my car repairs. I have a car that does NOT overheat, but have oil in my coolant, and I guess a blown headgasket that is getting fixed right now.

when you got your headgasket done did you get a valve job? The problem according to my mechanic is that if you overheated once and just replace the headgasket, you may still have a problem because the valves are still losing pressure. Overheating just once will damage your heads. How bad they get damaged depends on how long they overheated. The heads are aluminum right? So i'm getting my valves done, with a judgement call on the mechanics visual inspection, and hope I dont ever have to see a bill this big ever again.

So, if you got your valves freshly milled when you repaired your headgasket, dont overheat.
Give the condesner a good cleaning with a soft brush and hose on mist. Clean off any dead bugs and leaves on the condenser.

When clean, with the fans on, put an 8x11 piece of paper on fromt of each fan (on the condenser) the fans should beable to hold them there. If they can't then your fans may need to be replaced.

Do you have a correct 50/50 mix of antifreeze/coolant ?
If you have more coolant than water, your temp sensor will think that the coolant is not hot enough and stop the fans from turning on.

Any A/C work done lately ?
The pressure switch can cuase the fans not to come on.
But since they do when you turn on the A/C, I'd forget about the pressure switch.

Check the relays
Swap the A/C fan with the rad fan.

Good luck.
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