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Overheating problems

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Ok so I have a 1989 legend sedan and last week after adding some stop radiator leak to my radiator the next day it overheated. Now it overheats after I drive it maybe 5 to 6 miles or so. When it does overheat it starts to blow white smoke, but when I am at normal operating temp in the first 2 to 3 miles it does not smoke. It also pumps some coolant into the res when it overheats. I tried bleeding the radiator ( I don't know if I did it right...then again I dont know if you can do it wrong). I also noticed that the top radiator hose is warmish hot at operating temp but the lower hose is not warm at all. I heard that that means the thermostat is not opening. I also suspect maybe a clogged radiator or at worse a bhg...I am a novice mechanic at best considering I am only 17 and have had my license less than a year so any directions on what to do in great detail would be GREATLY appreciated
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Which news do you want first the "good" or the "BAD"? The good news is if you had changed the thermostat from the start you wouldn't be having the issue your are now.

The bad news: the stop leak shit kills engines. (they need to ban that shit!) That stuff blocks and clogs passages that need to be open which is one of the reasons you are over heating.

The only cure for a leak is to address whats causing it. At this point all you can do is try and flush that garbage out and pray that what ever it blocked comes unclogged.

Also replace the thermostat with an OEM not parts store unit and "pray for the best."
So radiator flush? ... do I just use like the parts store radiator flush? any important stuff or tips you could give not even sure where the thermostat is....just ordered the oem thermostat ..not sure how im gonna install it....cant be too hard i guess
every thing you need to know is ~~~>Acura Legend Online Service Manual Prestone makes a coolant flush, follow directions on box.
Did you have heater on when you purged it? And check your thermostat by droppin it in boiling water. I dont recommend engine/coolant goops... they tend to clog the system.
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