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Was bored in the drive-through the other day and started going through the junk in my glovebox. Haven't you ever just started reading your owner's manual just for the heck of it? lol

I loved this first line of the introduction:

"One of the finest luxury cars in the world..."

Anyway, the following table on page 124 surprised me.

Honda says you can (emphasis on "can," not "should") go 125 miles per hour in fourth gear. It just made me wonder -- how'd they test that? Sheesh, if 125 is in fourth gear, and you've still got two gears left to go, what would be the absolute maximum in sixth gear, under controlled circumstances (on a track)?


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LegendGS said:
No. We aren't speed limited, but are rev limited.
which doesn't mean jack for us! :D

I have seen that too tyson, but yours i think is a wee different.

" i have two extra gears..."

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Even better, check out the official "archived" info now posted by Acura..


Also, along the same thread, I owned my first Legend 15 years, 10 of which were in Pittsburgh PA, well after moving to Phoenix, AZ I was looking for something in the manual when I stumbled across the little tidbit about the wiper blade lift lever located under the steering column. The purpose is to raise the wipers off of the windshield so they don't get frozen while the car is sitting in bad weather. Who knew?! Amazed (and a bit miffed) that I didn't know about this, especially when I thought I knew my car inside and out. Oh well, just shows where the best kept secrets can be found....

enjoy the official Acura Archives site, full of alot of good factual information!
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