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Painted calipers: how-to?

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Does anyone have the steps to paint the brake calipers. If you got it, can you post it in the Useful Topics Forum? that would be sweet! thanks
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go to legendtunner under upgrades- brakes

Esti said:
go to legendtunner under upgrades- brakes

Speaking of LegendTuner, where's Koji been?

Oh and Esti, reading your sig, I take you're saying my Legend isn't perfect? :mad:


Why is everyone just noticeing my sig now?

You know, I just painted my calipers today. I found it MUCH easier to use a brush than to mask everything off. I just walked into the grass and sprayed gloss black engine enamel onto a small (3/4") brush, then walked back and painted very carefully. When the brush gets dry, go spray some more paint on it and repeat.

While I was at it, the hubs on the rear wheels were getting kind of rusty. Since I only had one brush (which was now covered in gloss black enamel), I sprayed some silver engine paint into the lid from a plastic Pepsi bottle, then dipped a Q-Tip into the paint and wiped it all over the hubs.

I also found that it helped immensely to wear a surgical glove on the hand holding the brush. Found that one out the hard way, of course...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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