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Painted Tail Lights: How-To *THREAD NEEDS PICS*

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Would you advise using any kind of clear coat on the painted area? Some people have suggested this, but I'm not sure with the transparent paint. Thanks for the guide!
I painted the tails on my accord all red as well, and I sprayed two coats of clearcoat on. It takes away some of the shine but it makes them a lot more sturday and scratch resistant. I think I used the wrong kind of clearcoat because there is another brand (i forgot what) that has different "shine" levels. Just get the shiniest kind and use that for the clearcoat and you'll be set.
i just painted mine and i defently want them more shiny anyone else use clear coat?? i tryed wax but the pad started to get red paint on it so i stoped that real quick , maybe i need to let them dry for 48hrs before waxing. but anyways clearcoat ????? brands??
Roge, now that I look at it, I wish I had done it on the inside like some others... it just doesn't have that OEM shine to it... I guess I'm going to find some clearcoat, maybe that will help... but its going to be a lot of work to match it to the rest of the light... new tails anyone??
ya but its not that bad and from 5 feet away u can hardly nodice, plus only the u and me can tell everyone else wont nodice a thing, i like it better then orange and as for new lights im waiting on these red/clear/red's
Yeah, people driving behind me can't tell and it blinks red so its ok with me. Plus the new clears are on the way!:D
hey hurricane, what kind of tails are you talking about? clears are on the way?
I never knew you could take out the taillights like that...

[Runs off to Legend]
thanks i will defintely be doing this mod in the near future on my sedan and my coupe. the how to is almost idiot proof, i even understood it.
we need one of these for the G1s :D
do you have to sand at all over the amber before applying paint?

we need one of these for the G1s
wouldnt it be the same for the g1's? just different placing of the tape and such...

and im sure removing the g1 tails wouldnt be extremely hard?
Awesome writeup, I'm doing this this weekend!
Thanks Ben!! this was super easy to do. I will try to post pics some time next week. No more ugly amber on my tail lights! Now I just need some clear corners! :D
so how do you cover the amber with clear instead of red?i've seen it on some member's legends
i did mine heres a pic.

i just used stained glass spray paint, took out my taillights, taped everything off i didnt want sprayed and went mad!
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Is that on the outside of the lens? Still looks nice and glossy, like oem.
yeah thats on the outside and you can make it even lighter and more like OEM if u use less coats it all depends on the look you want
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