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painted taillight

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i recently painted the orange strip in my taillight red with the clear apple paint and i applied like 3 or 4 coats of clear coat but its not shiny , i tryed buffing with wax and an orbital buffer but no dice , would it work better if i wet sanded them first with like 400 grit sand paper and then buffed???
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Get a rag (preferably old t-shirt), drench it in thinner and rub off the paint. It will not get shiney unless you spray it evenly. I recommend the inside method. Easiest way is to stick the nozzle in the bulb hole and spray from there. Spray evenly and lightly. Paint will leak if you overspray or position the taillight the wrong way... so if you don't want to do that.... Open the taillight housing up and the lense fromt he inside.... This takes a bit of skill and patience. This mod isn't easy to if you want the taillight to have the shiney-stock look but all red/clear.
take the paint off?? the thinner will take the finish off from the original OEM wont it?
You may have that problem. I used a thinner to remove my tinted tails, and I NEVER got the original shine back... You might try putting a clear enamel coat over the ENTIRE light assembly to get a more even look. If it is still lighting orange you might also try painting the inside housing, or using a type of "stained-glass" spray on paint. Its made to tint glass red, and it worked EXTREMELY good for me! I did not do the inside method, but mine still lights red! Hope this helped...
You can get the shine back by using some plastic polish. I mean, if we can sand down our tailights and headlights to remove scratches and then polish them back to a high gloss, I figure if will work even if the paint thinner dulled the finish a bit. I know I've sanded my tailights scratches off myself and the shine after polishing is 100% back to OEM.
ok well i think im gonna take the paint off the outside then paint the inside is there a cetain paint thinner i should use ?
Roger said:
ok well i think im gonna take the paint off the outside then paint the inside is there a cetain paint thinner i should use ?
The orange paint remover that Darith mentioned. It can be found in pretty much any hardware store. It works ok but is weak enough to not harm your taillights. Go with anything stronger and I promise you will regret it. ;)
whats the brand of this mysterious paint thinner in an orange bottle?
is it called like orangestripe?
It is not mysterious and it is not in an orange bottle. It is Citristrip paint remover and it comes in a spray container.
it comes in both orange bottle and a spray , i got the spray and it worked great , dident take any shine off.
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