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Parting Out 91 sedan, Geneva Green, Type F

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tires on rims have about 100 miles on them. Has a 3.5 RL engine.
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hmmmmm... I thought I asked you a question about the rack...... :dunno:
for some reason my computer keeps saying that the other forum has gone offline or it cant find the website so i cant get on there to communicate to anyone, but the steering components seem to be pretty messed up, so i dont want to risk selling you the rack and it not work well. Sorry man.
I had the same problem when i tried to get on over there. :dunno: how's the rear upper and lower control arms?
ok well im glad its not just me then. but ill take a look at the arms and try to get some pictures tomorrow and ill send them to you.
Thanks man, I thought I had gotten banned or something.... :rofl:
@brunzie, Royersford, about 15 minutes west of King of Prussia
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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