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Passenger seatbelt wont retract

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So one thing I noticed today was that the passenger seatbelt wont retract on a 93 Legend L I will likely be getting sometime next month for dirt cheap.

I am pretty sure there are a bunch of threads already on here, but would anyone point me in the direction of a more effective answer?

The SRS light is on, so I know I need to diagnose that issue, doubt its related to the seatbelt but not entirely sure.

The drivers side is fine, my buddy is parting out his Legend and gave me the seatbelts for driver and passenger and said just replace them both with the units he gave me.

Is this an easy DIY? Or would I be better off taking the car to a stealership and having them take care of it?

Input or links to other threads with good answers would work. =]
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yea its just a easy swap the seatbelts have a life time warranty on them.
If the SRS light is on it could very well be due to the seat belt. The seat belts have a lifetime warranty IF the SRS system has not gone off in the car.
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