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pic of my ride awhile ago

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since pictured ive added grounded control konis, gold mirror tint all around, single 3 inch muffler. waiting for my 18 in chromies to arrive soon. which i cant wait.......
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just another pic of my classy legend!!!!!!

right after the accident, but before i got the ground control, koni, and exaust on.


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looks nice, you definetly need to put some other rims on there though, it'd make a huge difference.
How can you guys ever see anything in those tiny pictures, I'm starting to think that we should probably just disable attachments. The pictures that people attach are usually pretty ****ty quality anyways.
I agree, those pictures are TOO damn small when they are attached. Instead of being happy there are pictures provided I'm like "will the pic even show what its suppose to"?
Anyways, nice car. looks like mine :p. does that make sence to anyone? :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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