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Pics of my 1994 Cashmere Silver Sedan :)

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UPDATED! Pics of my 1994 Cashmere Silver Sedan :)

Started a new thread :2cool:
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thanks guys :) Hopefully if things go well, my legend will be sittin on new rims by the end of the summer :) maybe even on konis, gotta see how things play out :)
threw in some new pics :2cool:
TI II said:
Did you paint the rest of the moldings ramy?
nah, only the front was painted. Its back to black now though, i like the contrast :)
those are Bohmen 6000k HIDs. They dont really look like that in person, u can't capture light on a camera well. They look more white with a blue purple tinge, like bmw xenons.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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