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Piston Gasket leaking...

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Does anyone know how I could fix this? Other than going to the dealer that is!! This one guy that works at my local dealer said he'd do it on the side, but when I called him he never answered either of his phones...please help, my car gets flooded with the odor of gas whether my windows are down or my AC is on!! It smells like an old dirty lawn mower!!!
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Sorry, the post makes no sence, probably the reason for no replies.
I think he means his head gasket in which case you are looking at a costly repair. Basically you can get the helm manual and try to do it yourself (which I wouldn't do unless you have some experience) or take it to a Honda/Acura specialist (I never take my car to the dealer as they tend to rape you). Unless your man can do it on the side, the HA spec is the way to go.
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