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not related to the subject, but your name sounds familiar. I have a classmate with your last name in med school. He lives near me in Savoy, IL.

Ok people here we go again there are 3 screws( bottom left, hood-lever bottom right, and one behind the flat black accessorie panel top right!
Let the kickpanel hang by the hood release cable.
OK there are two black screws one on the left and the other right above the ignition( you have to really look hard!!!
after those are unscrewed just pull out the black panel iwth the defrost, cruise, etc, it just pops out!
undo the two wiring harnesses, put that to the side, now you have the plastic covering, to the left and right there are 2 screws a piece, unscrew those, pull cluster out slightly.
Now there are three plastic clips holding the plastic cover to the cluster itself, undo those, be careful now, and pull the cover out.
NOw before you pull the cluster out there are two wiring harness on the top left and bottom left( reach form underneath to get to it), and the other two harnesses are at the top right.
Now you can pull the harness out, and be careful again.
NOw all you have to do to get to the bulb is unscrew ahell of a lot of screws, eventually you will get to it.
Also when I did this I reaplaced my D4 light with '1' bulb and put the old burned out bulb into the '1' spot.
The reason I did this is because I never use first gear, and it saves money, even if its a $1!!!!!!!!:)
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